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Swami Anand Giri ji Maharaj is a celebrity since childhood. Very well versed in Sanskrit Grammer, Ayurveda & Vedic Philosophies. A strong proponent of Indian culture, values, morals & ethics. He has taught Mantrayoga (Attaining realisation through mantra - chanting litany or prayers of God),Hathayoga (Attaining realisation through practise - Physical & Mental process & Meditation), Rajyoga (Attaining realisation through meditation),Bhaktiyog (Attaining realisation through devotion), Jnanayoga (Attaining realisation through knowledge), & Karmayoga (Attaining realisation through actions) in the traditional Indian teaching institutions (Gurukul). One of it to mention is - Shri Vishwa Guru Yoga Vishvidya Ved Niketan Dham - Swarashram, Rishikesh.
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